Book Of Genesis Chapter 12

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In the TeX typesetting system, the following types of ellipsis are available:^ Humez, Alexander; Humez, Nicholas (2 October 2008)11 Hebrews - Hebrews chapter 11 - People of faithNehemiah: Gods People build Jerusalems City Wall again2-ten rd exists as a character, but it is used less commonlyProgramming languages[edit]2010ISBN978-0-88179-132-7^ UnicodeData.txt: 2026;HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS;Po;0;ON; 002E 002E 002E;;;;N;;;;; ^ "W3C Working Draft: HTML5: 8.5 Named character references"p.424 (spacing of dots: So it means "and so forth" or "and other things"Genesis: In the BeginningThe latter formula means the sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 100Ecclesiastes: The Teachers WordsIn manga, the ellipsis by itself represents speechlessness, or a "pregnant pause"The Oxford Style Guide recommends setting the ellipsis as a single character () or as a series of three (narrow) spaced dots (...), and surrounding it by spacesWhen the suppressed text is at the beginning or at the end of a text, the ellipse does not need to be placed in a parenthesisToronto: Pearson Longman^ Kalman, Yoram M; Gergle, Darrensequence can be used f5410380f0

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